Game of thrones

iron throne body paint

This project was Julie Hassett's fan tribute to one of her favorite shows. This massive undertaking included 16 models (Julie included), 4 body painters, 2 assistants and lots of patience! This required 12 hours of uncomfortable positions for the models, keeping focused, hydrated and having fun! Executive Produced by Jason Perlman; Directed, Created and Produced by Julie Hassett (2014). Photographed at Nerdist Studios and covered by multiple websites (see Media/Press page). Additional Credits in the final photo below.

© 2015 by Julie Hassett


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Behind the Scenes...

Three of the models goofing around while the artists placed them in formation to get a better idea of how their painted swords would overlap and fit together. Seeing the big picture while painting a couple of models at a time was a challenge, for sure!