behind the scenes.

Make A Wish
Julie doing last looks on a "Make A Wish" recipient who got a chance to act in Season 1 of Zac and Mia as her wish!
Before and After
Before the mustache and eyebrow hairs and pimples were added with makeup...and then after.
Crazy Cat Lady!
Crazy cat lady makeup from an AwesomenessTV sketch episode of Hacking High School. This is a shot from the monitor on set. She was yelling "I LOVE CATS!"
Brian Redmon Bloody Nose!
Brian Redmon in between takes after getting a little bloody nose touchup!
Kian with sound!
Kian Lawley getting ready for a pretty intense scene in his sickest makeup of Zac and Mia Season 1...getting his mic adjusted by Chris!
Color Correcting!
Renae Goodhew assisting me in color correcting Kian Lawley's bald head for Zac and Mia Season 1, when Zac had undergone chemo and lost his hair.
Anne Winters Touchup
Someone was sneaking a little hair touchup in between takes on Anne Winters for Zac and Mia Season 1!
Evan and Bec
Brother and sister played by Tanner Stine and Alexis G. Zall...getting a quick continuity photo after a touchup on set for Zac and Mia Season 1.
Cast of the Outdoorsman
The Outdoorsman cast at a holiday dinner...shot in July on a 93 degree day with no air conditioning...and everyone was in sweaters.
Pig Hybrid
Julie working on those big Twiggy-inspired eyes!
Shoot in Progress
Photographer Jason Perlman in action and Julie with her eyes glued to model Katie Flannery on a 60's themed Pig Hybrid photo shoot.
Dancers from Watsky's music video for "Safe Spaceship" strike a pose and the boy in blue rocks Julie's body paint.
Julie got to turn 3 Buzzfeed women into unicorns!
Beach Belly
Julie painting a beach themed baby bump for a video.
Crying Liberty
Julie and her model pose at a themed art event.
Belly Art Project Process
This shows the sketch and then a behind-the-scenes photo from when Julie completed a golf ball belly paint on Olympian Morgan Miller.
Sara Blakely
Julie and Sara Blakely pose at the Los Angeles book launch for Sara's NY Times Best Selling book, "The Belly Art Project," featuring Julie's art on the cover and throughout the book.
A Penny For Your Thoughts
Julie painted a penny on anchor Becky Quick's pregnant belly that appeared on Squawk Box during press for The Belly Art Project.
Belly Art Billboard!
Someone sent over this photo of a billboard in Atlanta with Julie's work from The Belly Art Project book when it first launched.
Kandee Johnson and Bellies
Julie painted pregnant bellies on a Kandee Johnson makeover viceo! Here is the makeover team and the mamas-to-be that day!
1 Cent! Belly Art
Here is the creative process for the penny Julie painted on Becky Quick for a Squawk Box segment, promoting Sara Blakely's book, The Belly Art Project. Sketch, leg practice paint, then paint on the belly!
Zac's Prom
Here's a monitor shot of Kian Lawley all dressed up for prom on Zac and Mia Season 1.
Monitor Shot
Tonianne Monico on the monitor during a scene in "Exorsitters," 2016.
(director) Justin Nijm, Tonianne Monico and (director) Jack Brooks posing on the "ceiling" once "Exorsitters" wrapped! 2016.
Julie and Rickey Thompson right as he wrapped for the night! "Exorsitters," 2016.
Ghost Lydia
"Ghost Lydia," freaking people out on the set of "Scout." 2016
Creeping on the Director
Ghost Lydia creeping on director Jason Perlman. "Scout," 2016.
Ghost Selfie!
Lydia and Julie show off their pearly whites! "Scout," 2016.
Nap Time?
Will Watterson and Lydia Muijen resting between scenes. "Scout," 2016.
Just a normal set day with (Ghost) Lydia Muijen, (makeup) Julie Hassett and (stylist) Jeneille Ancheta. Nothing to see here..."Scout," 2016.
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