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CNBC's Squawk Box Segment featuring Julie Hassett's belly art on Becky Quick to promote "The Belly Art Project". Oct. 2016.

Julie had the privilege of body painting over 50 pregnant bellies for Sara Blakely's book, "The Belly Art Project" (2016) over the time span of 2 years. Her work is featured throughout the book, on expectant celebrity moms and everday women, and is also featured on both the front and back covers of the book (as pictured here). Within the book, you will also find a "DIY" section with advice from Julie, as well as behind the scenes photos from the photo shoots. 


For more photos from the book, please click on the "Body Painting" tab in the menu and select "The Belly Art Project." 

The Today Show segment featuring Julie Hassett's body paint for Sara Blakely's "The Belly Art Project." Oct. 2016.

Vogue Magazine covering Nicki Minaj's body painted throne and style at the 2015 MTV VMA's. See the full article here.

Two page spread in SkinMarkz Magazine, Vol. 17, February 2016.

Two page spread in SkinMarkz Magazine's August 2015 Issue.

Two page spread in Devour Magazine's Book 8B, July Issue 2015.

Featured article on 2014.

See the full article here.


Featured article/page on the I Love Body Art website, which features select body paint artists from all over the world. 2014

See the full page here.



Awards Shows &

Red Carpet

Julie worked with a team of 4 other body painters to paint Nicki Minaj's dancers for the 2015 MTV VMA's. Lead by Key body painter Lipstick Nick (Nicole Faulkner).

Julie was the lead body painter for the Janoskians' body painted tuxedos for the Teen Choice Awards 2015, where they were nominated for an award and also presented an award.

Music Videos

Julie assisted Marlaine Reiner on Danny Ocean's music video for "Epa Wei," which included both makeup and body art.

Julie body painted multiple cast members for (Watsky's band) Invisible Inc's music video for "Safe Spaceship." 2018

Julie did grooming and beauty makeup for Rajiv Dhall's music video for  his song "IDKWTD." 2017.

 The Janoskians music video for "Friend Zone" features Julie's SFX makeup skills, turning the guys into zombies as key makeup artist. 2015.

Julie body painted all six of the Cimorelli sisters from the  popular girl band, Cimorelli, for their empowering music video entitled "You're Worth It." 2014.


Mac Miller's music video for "100 Grandkids" features Julie's face painting skills on the four lead children's characters (ram, peacock, black panther and tiger). 2015.

Julie body painted the love interest and models wearing warning signs for Radioblack's music video for "Wrong Places." 2013.


Julie applied beauty makeup on 2 of the 3 models in this GlamGlow  skincare product commercial.

Julie leant her SFX makeup skills to the American Horror Story opening title sequence for the season entitled "Cult." 2017.

Julie applied the SFX makeup for "Rodney the Rat" character in this d-CON commercial. 2015.

SERIES,YouTube Videos,

Short Films & Sketches

Julie Hassett was Makeup Department Head of the WGA Award and Emmy Award winning series, Zac & Mia (Season 1 & 2). Watch the trailers in the videos above and find all of the episodes on Hulu.

Julie Hassett was makeup department head for 5 out of the 8 episodes of Awesomeness' horror anthology series, "Sleep Tight." Below are  the episodes she worked on (currently airing internationally):

S1, EP 1: FEED





Julie Hassett transformed 3 of the Buzzfeed staff members into unicorns with fantasy makeup. 2017.

Julie was Key Makeup Artist for an SFX episode of an AwesomenessTV sketch mini-series starring YouTuber Jenn McAllister. 2016.

Julie created a pop art makeup for Super Deluxe. 2016.

America's Got Talent finalest, magician and YouTuber Collins Key, hired Julie to create this Hotel Transylvania 2 inspired Frankenstein so he could walk the red carpet at the screening of the movie, and make this fun tutorial in the process! 2015.

Julie turned popular YouTuber, JC Caylen, into an (out of kit) zombie for his branded video to promote Sony's film, "Pride & Prejudice & Zombies." 2015.

Julie was the SFX artist for this All Def Digital Walking Dead parody video. 2015.

Julie created a Westworld themed body paint for SuperDeluxe. 2016.

Julie was key makeup on an episode of mini-series called "Hacking High School" for AwesomenessTV. 2016.

Julie worked as a SFX makeup artist on this short film, starring Claudia Sulewski, for AwesomenessTV to promote the Sony film "Pride + Prejudice + Zombies." 2015.

YouTube's Arden Rose celebrated her 1 millionth subscriber to her channel by hiring Julie to paint roses all over her body. See the video here! 2014.

This video features Julie's Special FX makeup (the warewolf/monster) as well as her body painting skills (the blue imaginary friend) and was featured on the AwesomenessTV YouTube Channel, as well as Nickelodeon, Directed by Jason Perlman.  2013.

MAKEUP Tutorials

Mom blog,, asked Julie to partner with them to create a series of face painting tutorials for Halloween 2015.


In this time-lapse, Julie and her assistant Annie Tagge apply prosthetic appliances to Griffin Arnlund for the episode "TEETH" from the horror series, "Sleep Tight." 2016.

Time-lapse of a camouflage body paint, blending model Jessie Pattison into Retna's graffiti wall, which was used for Justin Bieber's album cover for "Purpose." Timelapse and photo taken by William Dick. 2015.

Time-lapse of Julie Hassett painting a client for Halloween 2014 as "Zombie Boy" aka Rick Genest.

This time-lapse shows Julie transforming actress Dre Swain into a vampire for an episode "FEED" from the horror anthology series on go90, "Sleep Tight." 2016. 

Bald cap application time-lapse, applied on actress Dre Swain in preparation for a horror film. 2016.

Time-lapse of Julie Hassett painting model Dre Swain as a wallpaper pattern inspired by Oh Joy! for Hygge & West, entitled "Petal Pusher." Timelapse photography by Darrel D'Itri. 2014.


Art Show Promos & Private Events

Julie was invited to participate in the 2015 Body Fine Art body painting competition in Los Angeles, where she competed against 19 of the world's best body painters. Her "Hamadryad," or "Tree Nymph" body painting on model Tasheena Medina can be seen throughout the video.


This is the featured video to advertise for the  Dec. 2013 Chocolate & Art Show in Downtown LA.  You can see Julie doing live body painting in the opening parts of this video, as well as throughout the video. This is footage from the Oct. 2013 Chocolate & Art Show.

This is a promotional video advertising the Chocolate & Art Show in LA, using footage from Dec. 2013. You can two of Julie's body paintings throughout and her work closes out the video.


Julie was hired to paint faces and bodies at Whimsic Alley in LA for a private 30th birthday party, featuring celebrities and non-celebs, alike! This is a compilation of photos and videos from the night, featuring Julie's work. 2013.

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