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Services offered. 

Whether you're a parent, looking for the perfect addition to your child's next birthday party, a bride looking for bridal henna, a director looking for a makeup artist/body painter for a music video or film, or a model/actor that wants to add something funky to your portfolio, artist Julie Hassett has you covered!

Check out some more examples of ways  Julie can help you:

Beauty & grooming

Makeup is perfect for manipulating the appearance of actors/models via  specialized makeup techniques. 


Examples of how to use Julie's makeup services: films, television, music videos, YouTube videos, photo shoots, cosplay, conventions, red carpet, award ceremonies, private events, fashion shows, etc. Julie also offers one-on-one sessions or small family and friend sessions to teach each individual how to use their own makeup and/or suggest the best skin care and makeup products/routines for each skin type.


SFX makeup

Special Effects Makeup is perfect for manipulating the appearance of actors/models via prosthetics and/or specialized makeup techniques. SFX makeup can be used to make someone look older, younger, scary, deformed, injured, or like an entirely different character. The possibilities are endless! The use of prosthetics and special effects techniques with makeup truly add value to any production.


Examples of how to use Julie's SFX services: films, music videos, YouTube videos, photo shoots, cosplay, conventions, Halloween festivities, festivals, competitions, etc.

Face Painting

Brighten up your next birthday party or special event with simple or elaborate face paint designs! Transform your guests with a pop of color and a few dashes of glitter to create a creative and exciting atmosphere that will most definitely be remembered.  


Examples of events include the following: wedding receptions, blog tutorials, YouTube videos, music videos, films, fairs, festivals, corporate events, birthday parties, graduation parties, baby showers, wedding showers, bachelorette parties, bar/bat mitzvahs, first communion receptions, Halloween festivities, etc. 

Body Painting

Whether you are the head of marketing at your company and are looking for a unique advertising technique, or you are looking to paint the town red (or orange or yellow) with an amazing design in Hollywood for the night, we have you covered!


Some examples of occasions in which to hire Julie for body painting include the following: corporate events, brand recognition/advertising, music videos, red carpet events, premieres, publicity stunts, maternity shoots/belly painting, films, YouTube videos, moviesadult parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, photo shoots, television shows, fashion shows, club outings, Halloween festivities, parades, club events/promotion, etc. 

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